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CMP polishing materials: key materials for chip manufacturing, and the market continues to expand


CMP polishing materials are the key consumables for wafer surface flattening. The global market continues to expand and the domestic substitution process accelerates, which directly benefits upstream material manufacturers.

What is the use of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate?


What is aluminum nitride used for? Aluminum nitride is an inorganic compound composed of aluminum and nitrogen, with the chemical formula ALN. Its characteristics include high thermal conductivity

Application and fabrication process of alumina ceramics in semiconductor field


In semiconductor equipment manufacturing, precision ceramics, as key component materials, play an important role.

Inorganic non-metallic materials - high-purity alumina


In short, high-purity aluminum oxide refers to the aluminum oxide whose impurities must be controlled at ppm (one millionth) level. It is generally white powder, with uniform particle size, easy dispersion and stable chemical properties. Like alumina
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