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What are the common optical lens bonding materials?


It is generally believed that the bonding mechanism of optical lens is that the mechanical bonding, physical adsorption, electric attraction

Application of Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon in New Energy Vehicles


Under a series of government support and preferential policies, the industry of new energy vehicles is in good shape. From the demand for environmental protection and the global planning for the future of fuel vehicles

Differences between aluminum nitride and silicon nitride ceramic substrates


The aluminum nitride ceramic substrate and silicon nitride substrate play a very important role in the field of packaging products respectively

Manufacturing process of high-purity alumina


High purity aluminum oxide is a white micro powder with uniform particle size, easy dispersion, stable chemical properties, moderate high-temperature shrinkage, and good sintering performance

Aluminum Nitride Ceramics -- Ceramic Materials with High Thermal Conductivity


Aluminum Nitride (AIN) is famous for its high thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation performance.
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